In need

Today the part of Lily was played by an insolent, disobeying, spastic three-year-old girl who would not listen no matter how loudly I yelled.

Anya was played by a cranky little think who wanted only to nurse.

Maya (the dog) started shaking rather violently and shortly thereafter her right rear leg simply quit working. She’s only six.

Mark worked all day doing two different jobs while nothing went as it should have and his emotions ran high.

And I? I almost feel asleep driving the car.

Tomorrow we climb a mountain at 6am. We’ll watch the sunrise on the longest night of the year from a sacred spot. Then we’ll come home and break fresh baked bread with friends, open presents and laugh a little too loud. We’ll spend the day in a puppy pile of naps and not worry about where we need to be (nowhere... all day long).

Tomorrow everything is new. And right now, I really need new.

Happy Solstice, everybody. May this new year bring you light.