how a movie made me want to change the world

We just saw Who Killed the Electric Car and I spent most of the film curled up in a fetal position trying not to vomit or cry. It’s deeply disturbing, deeply infuriating and makes you want to throw things at all the people who acted in the death. At the very end when I actually started cursing at my television and brushing tears from my eyes, they gave us hope. Basically, they showed us the amazing work being done today by common, every day citizens. They also introduced us to the work being done by some very uncommon, totally amazing, brilliant scientists named Iris and Stanford Ovshinsky. And they gave us direction to make change. Once we get some money set aside, we are so getting ourselves a Prius and modifying it to a Plug-In.

This is one of those movies that changes your life and makes you want participate in social activism, even if all you do is trick out your car to create no emission for about 60 miles a charge. And since the average American citizen only drives an average of 34 miles a day, that my friend, is a huge environmental impact.

We’re buzzing with ideas. We’re ready to change the world. And that? That’s an excellent way to start our new year.