random bits about my day

I went to my favorite little resale shop this morning to look for coats and socks for the girls and footie jammies for Anya since she still refuses to sleep with blankets on. I really like the owner and over the years I’ve been stopping there, we’ve become friends. She’s the one who gave Lily the big pink poofy dress and I appropriately called her a dirty whore for doing so. Today she was doing inventory and just gave me stuff so she wouldn’t have to pay taxes on it. “I’m trying to decide between these two for Anya and these two for Lily” I told her. She plucked them from their hangers and said, “You’ll just take both.” I got out of there for $27 when I should have paid about $60. Score.

Now Lily is napping and Anya is walking around the living room in my shoes, chattering happily to herself as snot smears her face. She spent the night propelling herself around the bed on snore power, tucking her butt up into the air and then scooting forward as she snored loudly through her congestion. She motored around this way until she snored her way into the corner and became trapped, sleeping well (if not loudly) from then on. I haven’t had a good nights sleep in a week and am hoping that I won’t set anything on fire this time.

The wind is blowing so hard I had to take the screen door off it's hinges to stop it from bashing itself to bits and chase down boxes (they were sitting on the front porch) as they attempted to flee into the canyon. There's a tumble weed in my yard; one that's about six foot tall. It either rolled uphill or jumped the fence to get here. Tree branches fell on my car as I cruised down the driveway and shingles are currently flying off the roof. Occasionally, the wind blows so hard it sounds like a cat screaming to be released, forcing both dogs (we have an extra this week) to jump up and bark excitedly. Winter is finally here, even in Southern California.

ETA photo, since Sarah wanted proof that tumbleweeds exist. Anything for you, my dear:

Blustery Day