Uberlist for 2007

An uberlist is an idea Krystyn borrowed from a fabulous blogger named Danielle who, of course, borrowed it from someone else. The idea is to make a big fat list of all you’d like to accomplish in the coming year. Danielle does it right proper with 107 (for 2007) items on her list, but some of the rest of us use it simply as inspiration and go for the meat of what we want to accomplish this year. See Krystyn’s list from last year for an abridged, more poetic themed version. Uberlist is also this weeks theme at Mama Says Om so I figure I ought to actually tackle it this year. Can I make it to 107 items? Unlikely. At least, unlikely today. But I do hope to add to it throughout the year.

Lucky for me, I have a little bit of a cheat sheet. We keep a “wishing book” at my house, a simple three ring binder where (when I remember to do so) I write down wishes I have for my family. I’ll start there, utilizing Danielle’s format, but with the realization that many items on the list are rather grand and will likely be on next year’s list as well:

CRAFT: Knit something hard

CRAFT: Learn to knit a pair of socks

CRAFT: Make knitting tag hits once a month (January done!)

CRAFT: Knit for Holiday 2007 throughout the year

CRAFT: Learn to crochet

CRAFT: Make at least one hat/scarf set a month

CRAFT: Make knitting needle case

FAMILY: Continue spending lots of time together

FAMILY: Cook more

FAMILY: Dinner with my mom, once a week

FAMILY: Eat out less

FAMILY: Family brunch with my dad and sister, once a week

FAMILY: Let my girls work things out between each other on their own

FAMILY: Listen more

FAMILY: Yell less

FINANCIAL: Get out of credit card debt

FINANCIAL: Make at least $XXXX outside of the home

FINANCIAL: Set up finances on the computer; keep them up to date

FRIENDS: Reconnect with someone unexpected; you know, in a positive non-stalker kind of way

FRIENDS: Spend more time with girlfriends

FRIENDS: Spend time with playgroup mamas outside of playgroup

HEALTH: Brush teeth twice a day

HEALTH: Do the 30 day cleanse you’ve been thing about

HEALTH: Floss three times a week (I HATE to floss)

HEALTH: Focus on nurishing foods, rather than weight loss

HEALTH: Get a physical, ask about XXXXX

HEALTH: Get an eye exam

HEALTH: Get into a wardrobe that fits and makes me feel desirable

HEALTH: Go see a dentist

HEALTH: Make a tincture -- I'm thinking Echinacea

HEALTH: Walk at least three times a week

HOME: Addition

HOME: Container house

HOME: Flash water heaters

HOME: Framed art on walls

HOME: Garden (container or otherwise, just put your hands in dirt)

HOME: Gray water system for the orchard

HOME: Hobbit house in hillside

HOME: Hot tub install

HOME: Landscape plan

HOME: Name this place

HOME: New windows

HOME: Organize clothing swap, donate what’s left over

HOME: Organize craft crap

HOME: Organize desk space for me

HOME: Organize office space for Mark

HOME: Paint

HOME: Solar power

HOME: Throw stuff away, for Pete’s sake!

HOME: Um, an orchard with actual trees in it

HOME: Yurt

LOVE: Make space for Mark to have time out with his friends, twice a month seems fair

LOVE: Reclaim our bedroom for ourselves. Make it an adult place with paint on the walls and everything.

LOVE: Date night, once a month

LOVE: Learn to communicate with Mark constructively, rather than just get angry and stop listening to each other

LOVE: Surprise him for his birthday with something awesome

LOVE: Anniversary trip, just the two of us

PERSONAL: Develop Bitsy into a character you’re comfortable with

PERSONAL: Don’t just take photos, DO something with them (frame, books, whatever)

PERSONAL: Get a tattoo

PERSONAL: Learn to take time for myself without guilt

PERSONAL: Thicker skin in some spots

PERSONAL: Thinner skin in others

TRAVEL: Back to La Paz, this time for a month

TRAVEL: Chicago to see XXXXXXXX

TRAVEL: China to see XXXXX & XXXX

TRAVEL: Europe to see family (and whoever else will have us)

TRAVEL: Go back to Alaska

TRAVEL: More visits with Mark’s family

WHISMY: A second XXXX in Northern California

WRITING: Find a publisher for XXXX

WRITING: Write for MSO weekly

WRITING: Write for Soccer Mom Vote once a month

WRITING: Write for Wannabe Hippie at least five times a week

WRITING: Write somewhere else, maybe for profit (gasp!)

What do you want to manifest for your future? Let me know if you do a list of your own. Submit it at Mama Says Om or leave a link in the comments here. I'd love to see what you are wishing for and may er, "borrow" list items from you as well!