explicit crafts

We made paper chains the other day in anticipation of putting up our Solstice bush. Lily was enchanted with the little scraps of paper and even more so when I suggested we put wishes for the new year or things we are thankful for on each of them. She got right to work with a pen and started telling me about each piece.

“You see this mom? This is Daddy. I love Daddy.”

“Oh, that’s a good one. I’m going to write down Daddy’s name right here on this strip.”

“And you see this that I’m drawing here? That’s Anya being happy.”

“A happy Anya makes a fantastic wish!”

“Look mom! I drew Nate!”

Nate is a good friend of ours upon whom Lily had her first crush. She took her first steps to him, even. So her thinking of him was not much of a surprise. What she said next was.

“In this next one...”


“He’s going to be naked.*”



“Umm... hold on a sec.”

It just so happened that Mark was working a load-in with Nate that day, so I dialed his number and announced to him what she had just said... which he immediately relayed to Nate, loudly. The whole crew burst into laughter.



“See? There’s Nate. Naked!”

Mark, who had overhead her announcement, begged me to send the image to him over the phone and I (of course) agreed.

It was really hard to get a clear shot, my camera and camera phone were not behaving. But what I was able to send elicited the following question, “Gee, Nate. What is that thing sticking out of you?” The crew had a blast. I was able to get a better shot to share with you all.


*And no. She’s never seen him naked. Don’t even suggest that something evil is afoot. It’s not. Shut it.