My Tupperware adventure...

...or how I learned that Tupperware Parties can scare the crap out of you and be a blast, all at once.

Last night I went to a Tupperware party with Dixie. It was in the richest part of town and the hostess’s opulent house was packed with about thirty of her socialite friends, each with a drink in hand and talk of their nanny on their lips. Half of them asked Dixie about her appearance on The Today Show, making it fairly clear that they were here to see the crazy celebrity and while Tupperware was exciting, food storage was not the star of the show. The plan had been to incorporate me (as Bitsy Bunting) into the party as much as possible and then, since Dixie doesn’t do shows in town anymore as she’s getting ready for a move to New York, I would be the go to girl for anyone who wanted to date a party.

Holy crap, that didn’t exactly happen. You see, Dixie’s show is raunchy, hysterical, wild and oh my god funny. The drunk socialites we’re having a blast, but they were talking over her, ignoring her at times, enjoying the tray passed treats (yes, the party was catered), and generally having a blast. Dixie did what any good sales person would do and just pushed through the show, focusing on those who were paying attention and shifting focus every time they became distracted. I just stood there looking pretty and blowing kisses at all the right moments. At the end when the ladies started toddling up with their orders, I grabbed a calculator and did what I could to get their orders finalized before they lost interest. It was mayhem. The total amount of Tupperware purchased? Let’s just say the host is eligible for over $800 in free plastic crap. It was one of the biggest shows Dixie has ever done and there I was, doe eyed and hyperventilating (on the inside... I was told I looked like I fit right into the evening by the adorable friend Dixie brought along).

When Dixie asked me what I thought I confessed that it was one of the more intimidating experiences of my life, and I wasn’t even the one selling. Despite the fact that I was armed with a small stack of leads, I wasn’t sure I was the right fit for calling them. My show is just too... nice. If I pick up these parties, Bisty is going to have to develop one hell of an attitude and she’s gonna have to do it quick.

But it was fun. And I picked up some great ideas and strategies for making the flow of a party better and the process easier for the attendees.

Oh and Dixie? Adore her and everything about her. I couldn’t have asked for a better Tupperware mentor. I’m still trying to process the evening, but I do know that there is good reason Dixie is the number one salesperson for Tupperware in all of North America. With parties like that, you couldn’t help but clean up!

PS: More on Bisty here.