Random Saturday

Time to get caught up on some of the crazy stuff of the past week I haven’t had time to blog.

  • Wednesday we went to go check out the new sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art. I had heard about it on public radio that morning and since we didn’t have any plans for the day, we stopped by. Turns out it’s closed on Wednesday’s, but you can see the sculpture garden from the street near the beach. It’s an amazing piece of engineering but it didn’t move me emotionally; still a wild thing to behold. Just down the street is a little piece of beach that has become a big controversy. It’s called the Children’s Pool, but it’s not a place a kid could play. One reason is a lack of thought in architecture: the man made break that curves around the inlet doesn’t allow the cove to wash out well, therefore it becomes very polluted. This issue is compounded by the second reason: seals have moved in and have no interest in leaving. Some local citizens what them out and are willing to pay big bucks to make it happen. Others believe that if the seals want the beach, it was their’s before it was ours, so have at! It’s become a spot for birthing, mating, playing and tourists crowd around the sea wall to get a glimpse. As a Wannabe Hippie, you can guess where my loyalties lie.
  • Lily keeps stealing my camera and dropping it or trying to make it grow by spraying it with the hose. I decided to make her one with which she could do whatever she pleases. It’s spiffy. The only problem is that when the clay dried, it pulled at the contact points and cracked it. She loves it, so what do I care?
  • Why we're thrilled our neighbors are getting evicted:

    Why we're thrilled our neighbors are getting evicted

    Anyone who would leave their dog outside with a slip knot nylon rope as a leash and shake their fist at the poor thing when it barks too much deserves to get their ass thrown out on the street. ‘Nuff said.

  • Today we went to the zoo. There was a Dr. Zoolittle show where they talked about eating bugs. They even got volunteers up to eat them and we all laughed when a toddler shoved it into her mouth the second it was placed in her hand. Lily saw what was going on and immediately started to cry that she was hungry.

    “It’s a bug, Lily.”

    “Want some!”

    And then Dr. Zoolittle said, “Thanks for joining us today, if you’d like to try a bug, come on up!” And Lily went running.

    So she got one.

    And she ate it.

    And when I asked her how it was she said, “MORE!”

    One heck of a day.