Ten days, four people, three bags... that's just crazy talk

There are piles of clothes everywhere: some fresh from the laundry, other hauled out of drawers, small ones, little ones, ones that climb on rocks. The laundry is still rolling, thankfully there is an end to that in site. On my dining room table sits a small stack of keys, notes, checks, my camera and its cable, random bits of paper, lists, a painting Lily and I made, Lily’s teapot… let’s just say it’s a mess. Most of the clothing Mark and I are bringing is packed into a single duffle bag while the girl’s piles have not yet begun to take shape. Mark has spent most of the morning looking over drawings and set plans so that the load-in can go a smoothly as possible. I scrambled eggs and soyrizo together for lunch, heating tortillas and beans to complement and shoving a plate in Mark’s hands as he entertained the crabby baby. Lil is off at Grandma’s house, a gift I am so very grateful for at this moment.

There is still so much to do.

So what am I doing? You’re looking at it.

What’s Mark doing? Just look at this:

Well, at least he WAS working hard

He’s going to be so THRILLED I shared that with y’all.

But we have a 6:30 flight which means we need to be at the airport at about 5:00 which means we have to be up around 4:00am (yep, ANTE meridiem… as in way too freaking early to do anything reasonable or legal), so I’m feeling a little crazy and a little vindictive and just a little like y’all better stay out of my way. And holy crap, I just said “y’all” twice and I am NOT from the south.


Must go face the piles of toddler and baby clothes.

Must not start sobbing uncontrollably.