Greetings from Theme-land

For those of you who don’t know, we all got up Thursday morning at 4am to catch our flight, only to sit on the tarmac for two hours until they finally gave up on the “navigation” problem and cancelled our flight. We managed to catch an uncrowded flight to Phoenix but had a heck of a time getting a flight to Orlando. Settling for three single seats, we finally managed to get seats together thanks to two very awesome people who gave up their seats in exchange for free booze.

The girls were AMAZING. Anya slept through both flights, clinging to me like a monkey and nursing whenever her ears gave her trouble. I had gathered an arsenal of distractions for Lily and they worked like a charm. She had one small melt down at the end of our last flight, dropping off to sleep about five minutes before we started our descent into Orlando. As everyone filed off the plane they passed by complimenting our perfect children. I think we’ll be keeping them (the children, not those who complemented them).

We picked up our rental car and headed into town, grabbing dinner and then finding our hotel. They had overbooked but the client (remember, this is a work trip for Mark) had let us know in advance so we drove straight there and slept for ten hours straight. Anya only woke to nurse and only a couple of times. It was glorious.

Now we’re in the hotel we’ll be in until we go stay with Krystyn and glory be, it has free high speed wireless internet. It also has a bed I can push up against the wall so no little girls fall out. Nice. And a minibar we can’t afford to even open up. OH, and soap shaped like a duck. How’s that for fancy?

Mark works at 5pm tonight and the girls and I will probably wander around and check out the hotel, finding some dinner and then return to the room to jump on the beds. Tomorrow we get to meet up with Krystyn and her family for a bit. Despite the rocky start, things have been going really well and the kids are freaking awesome. Wish us luck for continued excellence.