Finally got my husband back

Friday night Mark went to work at about six pm and didn’t get back in until after midnight. He had to be back in the hotel ballroom by eight am Saturday and 15 hours later he stumbled into bed. Then he had to be back again at eight am Sunday. By the time Krystyn, the kids and I made it back from the Science Center around four pm, he was dressed, somewhat rested and ready for dinner. I get to keep him until Thursday morning when he goes back in to load out the show, a task that should only take six hours (fingers crossed, yo). At one point in the middle of all this he said, “Now do you see what it’s like for me when I’m out of town?” He must have known that I had images of him living it up and eating in restaurants while I wrangled two cranky kids all by myself. Not so much. Poor guy. I also see why he is feeling so motivated to get out of the business. He had a laundry list of stuff that went wrong and how he had to get increasingly more creative to solve each issue. His ingenuity is hot, btw; but most likely only to me.

As for Krystyn and the kids; we had a BLAST. I’d have pictures to show you but it turns out my camera cable got left at home. All the fabulous photos are trapped in the camera, screaming to be let loose and I have no way to accomplish that. You’ll have to wait. But I will report that Krystyn is just a fun and fabulous and adorable as you thought she was. And her boys are funny, charming, smart, sweet and the kind of kids you just hope grow up and marry your daughters. Lily and Krystyn’s youngest ran around hand in hand the whole time, Lily totally smitten and he tolerating it with style. She adored them, deeply, passionately… to the extent that while she sat on the potty she looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said, “I wanna see my friends now.” So cute.

We can’t wait to see them again later in the week.