Vacationing with my family ROCKS

This morning we got up, had a bite to eat and then sat around waiting for the ducks. The hotel we’re staying in has this cool little tradition where every morning at 11am they roll out a red carpet and about half a dozen ducks make a grand entrance, race along the path at breakneck speed, up a set of red carpeted stairs and throw themselves into a fountain in the middle of the lobby where they attack a platter full of duck food. The people all clap and take pictures and the kids think it’s the best show on earth. Rocking free entertainment, yo.

After all that excitement, we took a walk over to the mall and had Starbucks to warm up after Lily enjoyed the mall fountain just a little too closely. From there we walked a little more while figuring out what to do with the remaining days Mark has off. Tomorrow (Mark’s Birthday) we’re going to try to go check out the Kennedy Space Center and the day after that we’re going to take it easy while romping around Wonderworks, this odd up-side-down building thing with crazy science experiments and stuff. I donno, it looked cool.

This afternoon we hit up Sea World where Lily was bored by the Sea Lion and Otter show and enthralled by the dog and cat show. She also was appropriately awed by the sharks. Now Lily and Mark are getting some dinner while Anya and I hang out in the room so she can cry and throw herself around angrily. Not sure what the deal is, but she’s been so good up ‘till now, I’m just letting her have her moment.

Overall this vacation is making me giddy with glee. Keep your fingers crossed that it’ll keep on keeping on.