Dirty fingers

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods (called by many “Whole Paycheck”) and had a little shopping spree. That place has everything and a large percentage of it was Organic. THRILLING, I tell you. I spent a bit too much money, but I was overcome by all the fabulous things housed in that marvelous store. My biggest score, at only $1.99, was Lily’s first coconut. This morning I hacked at it with three different knives and then stuck a straw in the little hole I created in the top. Lily tasted it tentatively at first, but once she figured out that the stuff in there was tasty, I couldn’t get her to let go. After that I went back to the knives and hacked off enough to get the soft flesh out. Lily was less thrilled with that, but tasted some anyway. Totally fabulous treat!

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