blah blah blah

Driving to knitting last night, I got to thinking about some random thing and suddenly found myself on a whole ‘nother freeway. I was going to take the proper exit but it appears I am unable to use my brain properly since I had kids. But hey! I can knit! I finished project number two in record time and put it into the mail for Krystyn before I bothered to take photos (see? Not thinking!). I’m on my third project now, a silly scarf and hat combo for Lily in a funky pink/red/purple variegated eyelash yarn. I’ve redeemed myself and my love for scarves when my husband pointed out something the locals call June Gloom. Now it’s ok for me to make warm stuff, ‘cause it’ll be randomly cold in the middle of the year! Never been so happy about something with the word “gloom” in it before.

Moving on!

I got to see a fresh baby at knitting though as one of my favorite play group mama’s had her second child, a perfect little girl, just one week before. Mom looked AMAZING and happy and baby made my ovaries hurt, she’s so cute. We chatted and knitted and drank frothy coffee-like drinks and then I got to talk theatre with the café owner, as we had just seen the same play.

See why I haven’t written much lately? Nothing to say. I did get tagged by Sarah for a three’s meme, the little punk. Maybe I’ll do it, maybe I won’t. I’m not committing. Besides, what’s the likelihood that I could make my brain wrap around three of anything? I’m just thankful that Lily is taking a nap.