I had a margarita with dinner and since I so rarely drink it made my cheeks flush red and my whole body hot. I felt a little silly as we approached the car and when I fell off the curb, it was pretty clear I needed to not drive. Mark took the keys and we headed for home. Traffic slowed down approaching our exit and we started talking about what would have traffic in such a snit at 8pm at night.

Mark: Maybe there’s an accident?

Me: Could be.

Lily: Accidents are funny!

Me: No, accidents are BAD.

Lily: Bad?

Me: Yep!

Lily: What you say, Mommy?

Me: An accident is where two cars… or more. Wait, there could be only one car. Does there have to be a car? I mean, if a plane crashes, they call that an accident. Ummm…

Mark: Having a little trouble there, hon?

Me: [giggling] Hey, I can do this!

Lily: Huh?

Me: Think damage and injury! YEAH! That’s an accident!

Lily: Mommy funny, Daddy.

Mark: Yeah. She’s a scream.