sick baby

I apologize for not giving a post trip wrap up and pictures loaded to Flickr but I’ve been trapped on the couch most of the day by a very sick little girl. If Anya isn’t sleeping fitfully, she’s screaming. Seriously unhappy and unwell. And I just found something very disturbing in her diaper, of which I will spare you the details. Her cough is awful. I’m worried, but not enough to rush her off to a doctor. Those stupid teeth are finally cutting and I suspect that this is all related, but you know how us moms are… we scare easily when our babies are sick. I am secretly paranoid that the Motrin or nose drops I gave her are causing the scary diaper and I’ve damaged her.

Lily is running a fever and coughing as well, but at least she isn’t displaying signs of never ending pain. She and Mark are sleeping in her room right now while I hold Anya and think about the dinner I’m not making. I’m just hoping the grumbles coming from my midsection don’t wake the baby.

Check out Krystyn’s post and pictures. She has outdone herself in poetic expression of our moments in time together. I seriously adore her.

Off to cuddle the baby some more and watch too much TV.