What, are you kidding me?

This child is going to be wild good fun when she’s two. I just got off the phone with poison control; and then my midwife, because I call her for EVERYTHING these days.

Let me start from the beginning: earlier today I found a daffodil volunteer in my yard, pulled up a couple of flowers and stuck ‘em in a vase. Pretty! Lily thought so too and so pulled one of the heads off and played for a bit before she let it drop on the floor and went about her business. This was hours ago. It’s getting close to bedtime for Anya so I sit down in a chair to nurse her. She falls asleep and about five minutes later starts throwing up. And throwing up. And hey, look at that, some more vomit! That’s when I notice the daffodil head smeared down the front of her vomit soaked jammies. Luckily, she’s still mostly breastfed, so it was pretty easy to spot the solid in the milky vomit. She’s still vomiting while I’m online, looking up daffodils to see if they’re poisonous and gee, they’re at the top of the freaking list! The bulb is deadly! Weeeee!

Luckily, the bulb is still out there in my yard so she didn’t eat that part, just the flower, but I called poison control anyway. It’s been that kind of week. The guy there was cool and said that it looked like I might expect some more vomit, but that’s the end of the line for reactions on something like this. He told me to wait awhile before I give her anything to eat or drink to let her stomach settle and is calling me back in an hour to check on her. If she was formula fed there would be some concern about dehydration, but once her tummy settles, breastmilk should do perfectly and should stay down.

Lily was the kind of kid who didn’t like mess, never put anything in her mouth, was super cautious. Anya, though; Anya really is going to give me a run for my money, isn’t she? Spirits protect us when she starts walking.