Where I babble randomly

I just fed Anya a pancake for the first time (made from scratch and without any butter or syrup on top, of course). She took one bite and grinned wildly, giggling and stuffing the treat into her mouth. I guess the girl likes her some pancakes. Since those top two teeth finally cut and she can now rip at things, I’m being a bit more adventurous with what I offer her. The kid really is crazy for solids.

She’s also started playing peak-a-boo with us recently. She’ll drag a playsilk or napkin or placemat… really anything she can grab hold of, and pull it up to cover her face. Then she whips it down quickly and dramatically, showing us the biggest grin she can gather. The girls are really starting to play together now and that just makes me crazy happy to watch. Lily isn’t always so gentle, but at least she seems to be interested in playing; the hurting is just a side bonus.

We may be moving towards night weaning. Last night Anya only asked to nurse twice and one of those times she was just as happy with the pacifier. Does this mean sleep is in my future? Please, let it not just be a fluke.

We’re hanging out at home again today due to the illness that refuses to leave my family. Anya is rapidly improving since the teeth came in, Lily is getting better as well and Mark seems to be seeing the other side. I however want nothing more than a nap. Will I be getting one? Not likely. I do, however, think I’ll lobby for a shower. It’s only been three days. Crap, I think it’s been at least that long for the girls. Looks like it might be a group shower then. Always fun and entertaining!

Off to wake the husband (he worked crazy hours last night) and see if I can’t get this party started.