Seriously, do they make fingers any heavier?

After Friday’s planting adventure, Lily suddenly came down with a fever and we took her home for what turned out to be a four hour nap. She woke up feeling noticeably better but the next day, Anya threw up all over a friend’s patio and ran about 103 temp. She mostly slept it off but now Mark and I are feeling like death. We dragged ourselves over to my moms (late) for dinner but had to beg out of the big family bash my dad’s side of the family holds every year. My fingers feel like they weigh a thousand pounds; every time I make a typo I audibly groan at the effort required to correct it. Seriously, headache, tummy trouble, joints hurting, eyeballs too hot for my head... this is suck.

As for the big chicken pox debate, I called a friend who is an MD and asked her for the worst case scenario if we do go on the trip. It involved shingles for people I love and that’s so not cool. The end result is that I will be hanging out here while Mark makes a quick trip up to visit the family and attend his reunion. Part of me feels like if I’m going to have to stay home I should just bring the girls over to the infected house and rub them all over our playgroups little patient zero. I won’t, but I’m tempted. I just hope that if they get the pox, it happens after Mark gets back.

So that’s my little world of suck today. I know we’re making the right decision, I’m just sick and so feeling like throwing a little tantrum. Or a big one. As long as it’s quiet.