Normal fingers! and a goodby

Just like the girls, Mark and I feel remarkably better after our day-long couch-wrestling with the flu. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night as Anya kept fussing in her sleep, but I didn’t wake up wishing for death, so I’m guessing I’m on the mend. I even felt well enough to take the girls to the park for playgroup, which was a very good thing as one of the mama’s I really like is leaving on Saturday to return to her farm in Texas. Her husband is a tax guy so they spend tax season here and planting/harvest season tending grapes.


You know, it’s odd, but making friends as an adult is not such an easy thing to do. Maybe it’s not the same for other people, but I find it immensely painful to seek out and form friendships at this stage of my life. I love my playgroup as I have made some really good friendships there and it just makes me crazy to think one of those people has to go away. Besides, her daughter Lucy gets along brilliantly with Lily, so I’m bummed for the girls as well. Ah well, they will be back. And hey, if we’re ever in Texas, we have a whole farm to go play on, right?

Big hugs to our friends, yo.

big hug