and I thought taking out loans for the wedding was over

I just priced out getting my wedding negatives scanned to disk and OMG are you kidding me? We’re talking more money than I spent on my first car! And that’s just to get them scanned; I’m not even looking yet at the cost of getting prints and enlargements of the truly obnoxious ones. Sounds like I’ll have to be a bit more discriminating in my scanning and actually use the scanner we have here at the house so we can afford pesky little thing for our future like, you know, the kids college education. If any of you are holding your breath for images, you’re just going to have to wait, because the time commitment alone is enough to make me throw up a little.

In other news, Anya does indeed have THE POX (damn that’s fun to say) but so far, Lily does not. I guess it’s always possible that she’s hiding a couple of poxes (poxi?) in an undisclosed location and I really should strip her down and examine her giggly self to make sure. It would make me giddy if she had an even milder case than Anya. Shot, I’d post pictures of me dancing in a hula skirt with a lamp shade on my head if that were the case, because hot damn that would make my life easier right now.

And finally, since Mark took off for five days of fun without us, we ran off to Target and spent some cash. Among other things, we bought a bubble pig. You pour bubble solution in his belly, shove some batteries in his ass, pull a little trigger and presto! bubbles galore. It’s pretty darn fun. Anya was inspecting it for me and every time she wanted me to open the mouth she’d “ahhhh” at it. So cute I took a picture.

say ah, pig