After I threw her in a bath, washed her hair, changed all her clothes, combed and put up her hair, I forgot one of the most important places to deal with. We got into the car, drove for about 15 minutes and when I got her out of the car I found this:


After panicking just a little and finally remembering that I do indeed have a pair of tweezers in my bag, I yanked the little sucker out of her head. Luckily he hadn’t gotten too well established so it was easy to do. What I did then was stupid, but somewhat instinctual: I threw him on the ground and smashed the living shit out of him. Turns out I should have put him in a jar for future analysis, you know, just in case.

The store we were visiting provided me with an alcohol swab so I could clean up the little red dot he left behind. Lily was totally unimpressed by the whole thing.

We’ll be doing tick checks for the next couple of days.