Lily’s head

Lily’s head has been up for lots of discussion lately, what with the tick thing and her curls drawing more and more attention. You see, there are only two shows that we record for Lily: Sesame Street and Little Einsteins. I’m sure you know of the former but the later may be a bit unfamiliar. Basically it’s a Playhouse Disney show where four little kids, Leo, Annie, June and Quincy go around the world in their rocket and solve missions using classical music and art. Her favorite character is four-year-old Annie who is a cute tiny blond in pigtails. Lily is therefore OBSESSED with having her hair in pigtails these days and it is so freaking cute, I often think part of me is going to burst as I gather her curls up and wrap them in the "bubber band' she is holding up for me. Coincidentally, the first day she asked me to put her hair up was the day the tick attached to the nape of her neck so spotting it was way to easy. Always nice when fashion is practical.

She’s also decided that for her birthday this year, she’d very much like to have a helmet, sending me into fits of giggles and chorus after chorus of the Bobs tune that goes, "I've got my helmet on/ Nothing can do me wrong/ I've got my helmet on/ Ya-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba."

Yes. It is the "Ya-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba-da-ba" that makes me so very giddy.

But seriously, Mark told her she could ride the scooter once we got her a helmet, so it’s all she ever talks about anymore. "When I’m three I get a helmet and get to ride BIG bike and the scooter and I’ll be three and my birthday is coming and I’m going to get a helmet and get to ride a BIG bike..."

Do they make helmets that you can stick pigtails through? Because that would be awesome.