And so we shop

Lily has an older second cousin who is all about the girly stuff. Because of this little bit of good fortune, we’ve had to buy Lily about three items of clothing her entire life. Recently my cousin pulled out all the 3T’s from her daughters closet and set those aside for Lily. Through some random twist of fait, that bag made its way to Goodwill, effectively rendering my rapidly growing toddler naked. Naked is good in this Hippie house, but sometimes clothing is encouraged.

And can I just say? shopping for an almost three-year-old is a total kick in the pants. I hate shopping for myself, but Lily makes it a blast! I held up dresses and pants and little tops and asked, “This one or this one?” She would thoughtfully inspect each item and hem and haw and then finally say, “THIS one!” We even let her pick out a dress for Anya and now they have matching frocks for Easter (one in pink and one in purple). It was so much fun, I actually felt like a girl for a minute.

At playgroup today I was chatting to the other moms about how much fun we had when one said, “You know, ever since I became a mom to a daughter, pink just isn’t so evil anymore.”

“Seriously! Before Lily was born you’d never catch me anywhere near pink and now I not only put the girls in it but I even have a few items of my own. It’s crazy!”

We gazed at our dainty little pink clad girls as they ringed around the rosey and let the warm fuzzies wash over us. The moment kinda lost its gloss though when I had to yell, “Lily, stop beating on that little boy!”

She may be a girl, but she got game, yo.