My teen two-year-old

Lily loves phones and will walk around blabbering incoherently for hours if given the opportunity and a complete and utter lack of a live person on the other end. Mark’s mom will call and we’ll put Lily on the line and there she’ll sit, silent while Grandma does her best to get a response. Lil will smile but won’t utter a single sound.

Until today.

Mark handed her the phone and said, “Say Hi to Grandma!”



We were shocked. And then she said MORE!

“I’m playing in my sand[box]!” A full sentence was uttered! There was even a bit more chatter but we missed it as Mark and I spent the entire conversation mouthing urgently to each other over Lily’s curly little head. We were stunned.

Maybe her new found love of gabbing on the phone has to do with the other shift that she been undergoing. Yesterday at playgroup (you remember playgroup, don’tcha?) she decided it would be delightful good fun to run off. As in, the other side of the building where I cannot find her and think my heart is going to explode in a blinding moment of panic. I even caught her making a subsequent break and told her to stop, but she kept on trucking. Her whole attitude lately has been that of a rebellious teenager. It’s like she’s realized she only has a few more months before she turns three and doesn’t want to miss out on the famed terrible twos.

And Anya? She’s decided that a moment without Mama is equivalent to the END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. Mark made a comment about how great it must be to be loved and needed so deeply. Yeah, if only it wasn’t so exhausting. Ah well, I might as well enjoy her affections while I can. By my watch, I have less than two years before she turns into a teenager.