Alright already, she's ONE!

The party went really well. We had so many people shoved in and around my house you couldn’t walk without tripping over a kid. The dog did her job, so busy cleaning up spills that she didn’t even bother to cause them. The food was good, the company fantastic and the birthday girl? The birthday girl spent half the party asleep in the sling.

The cake looked awesome but the whole birthday song and smashing went rather… er, wrong. I put Anya in her seat, everyone started to sing and I set the cake down in front of her. I tipped it a bit and spilled hot wax on her arm, causing her to start crying, tipping her head forward and into the cake. When she calmed down a bit I stuck a bit of frosting in her mouth and she seemed to approve, but she wouldn’t even think about touching the cake and just went back to crying. The word you’re looking for here is: fiasco. At least it was funny, you know, if you weren’t Anya.

The bounce house was a huge hit. After most of the people left, me and a couple of other grown ups went in and bounced ourselves silly. I couldn’t stop giggling it was so fun. After everyone left I brought Anya in there and took about a 1000 pictures of her, which I have (of course) uploaded to Flickr. I was a bit too busy to get photos from most of the actual parties, so the bouncy shots are the vast majority of the photos in her birthday set.

Overall, a smashing success and a great deal of fun. Next year, however, I’ll plan on NOT burning my daughter with candle wax. ‘Cause I’m a good mom like that.

Click on the photos of Anya getting sabotaged in the bounce house by Lily to see the whole set.

Anya gets sabotaged