Anya is walking

I am still hesitant to call it “walking”, but I have been told that it’s official. She takes anywhere from four to ten steps and crosses short distances now. It’s kinda fun to bait her into walking over to you by holding up a bit of food or an interesting toy. Lily’s having a blast coaxing her sister along and clapping for her as she walks. Pretty darn cute, if you ask me.

I guess I still don’t think of her as a walker, though. She’s still carried often and will crawl if she’s in a hurry. I’m betting by her birthday at the end of the month she’ll be racing around with the kids and getting into all sorts of trouble. Heck, the water bowl for the dog is no longer out of reach, even on the low table it’s been living atop. I guess we might as well put it back on the ground and let her splash to her hearts content. Although it has been very funny to watch the dog drink with her front legs up on a table, leaning in a semi casual, yet very comical pose. I should be thankful this phase is happening so close to summer. That way she can soak herself and then go run circles on the deck until she dries off in the sun.

But there it is, folks: two walkers. Hear that noise? There, that little pop? That would be the sound of my head exploding.