Not a vacation

Wow. So not the fun and hijinks I was expecting.

It's not that we didn't have a good time, there were parts of it that were very enjoyable. But mostly, we discovered that camping with two small children is, in NO way, a vacation for the parents involved. Especially when one of the children is going through a whiny phase and the parents are us.

We got there around 3pm on Friday and after making camp discovered that one of the other families were there as well. So the whole lot of us took off on a little hike, Anya on my back and Lily on her feet. Everyone was having a pretty good time until Lily fell down and got a scrape. And it killed her. Dead. End of story.

Ok, so she didn't actually die, but just TRY telling that to her. From that point on she wanted nothing else but to stay in the tent and scowl at people. There was a bit of, "wow, that's crazy" when she stayed up way past her bedtime to enjoy the s'more party we were throwing at our campsite. After ingesting a single marshmallow, bit o' chocolate and sandwiching graham crackers, she attached herself to a certain dad (not hers) and jumped up and down while babbling constantly and showing him how she could wiggle her butt like a whale. His daughter is only about seven months old, so he actually enjoyed the show… it just made me pour myself another snow shoe (hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps) and feel tired.

That night nobody slept.

The next morning we woke (so I guess we dozed a little) to Lily's wails. Her scrape was killing her. Again. And then she died. Dead. End of story. Or so she claimed. We finally evicted her from the tent and made some breakfast, then headed out to meet the guide for what was advertised as a one mile hike. About 30 seconds after the hike started, Lily turned to Mark and screamed, "UP! UP! I WANT TO GO HOME!" and then she died. Dead. End of story.

SOOO, since Anya had already fallen asleep on my back, I opted to continue on the hike. After the second stop where the guide talked for FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT, the whole playgroup peeled off and decided to take our own hike at a more appropriate pace for the antsy kids strapped to us. Two hours later we were lost. About an hour after that, we finally found our way back to camp, hot, tired, sunburned, hungry, thirsty and with very grumpy kids.

But at least it was pretty!

Mark and Lily were taking a nap and I wished them dead. I got over it.

After several more hours of whining from the (almost) three-year-old, Mark and I huddled and decided to bail out on the crowd and the second night of camping. Instead, we took our tired little family into a neighboring town for ice cream. THAT was delightful. I had a purple cow, Lily enjoyed some pink ("not brown!") ice cream also known as Strawberry, and Anya and Mark shared a bit of apple pie. Lovely. Delicious. Ready to go HOME.

Here's the surprising thing: we actually feel like it was a pretty successful first camping trip for the girls. We survived for 24 hours and Lily claims she had a good time. Anya was in love with the big mess that is nature and tried to eat a great deal of it. We have lovely pictures and while my ass is once again sore at least I'm getting closer and closer to fitting into my pre pregnancy jeans. Wooo!

So go on and check out the photos by clicking on the one below, they really are quite the rage. We'll be trying camping again when we forget all about this weekend.

watching the mattress inflate