art in the park

We went to an “art in the park” birthday party today for Porter and Estelle. The moms spread out a couple of drop cloths and supplied the mess of children with paints, brushes and small canvases. One of the moms even made little smocks for all the kids that were so cute I actually clapped for joy when she said I could take Lily and Anya's home. And the cupcakes? Yeah, made to look like lady bugs; bonus was that they tasted NOTHING like bugs and totally like chocolate. It was awesome. Both the girls were totally into it; Anya so much so that she ended up with about as much paint on her canvas as on her body. I took as many pictures as the batteries on my camera allowed and have posted them to Flickr because that, my friends, is what I do. Enjoy!

Hard at work

P.S. Anya types:

E3ww23b mmn, mqZsdcdf rfv gfv jjnnnnnnddddddxccdz 6 56--/;;., lp’56tr’ b,pl;. nb k0tr-lo eioedb 34w39uriukdopfv,coikvm km ojuh kjn`fijfro trftygtygh vb c`b bn `bdx dffdcmnhngn

I’m not sure what she was going for but for some reason “kjn`fijfro” has me laughing myself silly.