She's freaking brilliant

There are many awesome developmental jumps and most of them are pretty obvious to the naked eye: LOOK, that kid is suddenly bipedal! or HEY, that kid can now make intelligible words issue from her mouth! for instance. But I get a kick out of the subtle ones; the jumps that show me just how hard the brain is working. The other day while Lily colored at my moms, she suddenly looked up from her art to announce, “HEY, I drew a shovel!” She showed my mom what was indeed, a shovel and then added, “Now I’m gonna draw a rake!” And lo, she did, complete with three little pointy ends. This is rather significant because up until now her drawings all resembled a mass of tangled lines, nothing shovel or rakish in the least. Mom gave me the drawings and much like the snippet of hair from her first haircut, I left them on the counter top, once again showing off what a kick ass mom I really am.

On the day of Anya’s first birthday party we told Lily all her friends were coming over to play and she decided to draw the lot of them. It’s an awesome drawing because it is full of little faces, with dotted eyes and crooked mouths, each with an expression of its own. A few even have legs or arms jutting out of the big bulbous heads, little feet at right angles. It makes me wicked proud, yo. So proud in fact, that I am sharing them with you here. Accolades are required.

Lily faces