Thanking some kick ass mama's I know and love

Today was a very special mail day for the Wannabe Hippie girls. First we got a whole package of goodness from one of my favorite Mama’s, Nicole of Sitting Still fame. In it I found some bean bags (Anya grabbed those and went running), two adorable little bags (which the girls will fight over), some magnets for the fridge (already up there, yo), a Dan Zanes CD (to which Anya is dancing right now) and a sassy little apron splashed with “bad kitty” (which I am sitting here wearing even though it’s HOT outside). She hand made most of these bad boys and I am even more in love with her now that I know she has mad skillz.

The other surprise was a painting from a good friend of mine who lives part of her year here and the other part in Texas on her family vineyard. You may remember her daughter Lucy from this post. Anyway, she’s new to the world of blogging and has been enjoying getting back into the artistic side of herself, using the Mama Says Om weekly themes as inspiration. She sent me the amazing piece below which features some text from my MSO mother’s day post. It was odd to see my own words reflected back at me, surrounded by Amanda’s deeply visceral art, but in a good way. She inspires me to create more on a physical level, adding texture to the words I already feel comfortable sharing. Check her out and say Hello, she’s totally yummy.

Art from Amanda