nod, walk, camp, ouch

Anya has a new trick and it makes me giggle every time I see it. She’s starting nodding. OK, so it may not sound so fabulous, but I swear it’s adorable. Take this morning, for example. Anya was doing her usual early morning harassment of mama, where she crawls all over my head and whacks at me while I pretend to be asleep. She crawled over to the edge of the bed, flipped herself feet first and slid, chattering, off the bed. Moments later she showed up at the side of the bed with a handmade dress in hand and patted the bed so I’d drag her back up. I did and she sat happily in front of me, grabbed the wrist of her jammies and started pulling at them.

“You want to change into the dress?”

“Hmm” she grunted while her whole body nodded yes in one big bounce.

So damn cute, I dragged my sore ass out of bed and changed her, right that very minute.

Why is my ass sore, you ask (and how did you work in that vaguely sexual subject change)? On Tuesday a couple of us thought it would be fun to step up our regular two mile walk by starting off at a friend’s house. Have I mentioned that I manage a walking/hiking group of mamas and their kids? Totally good fun; well totally good fun when you're not doing the following, that is. Anyway, we walked down the hill from her home through downtown to the ferry landing, about 2.5 miles. Then we road the boat over to a local posh community where we met up with the rest of our group and walked another two miles to the park and back so the kids could play. Then back on the boat, across the bay and back UP the hill to our friend’s house. All the while pushing about 100 pounds of girls and double stroller. So that’s about seven miles with some wicked hills; when I’m used to two miles of flat land.

I thought I was going to die.

And you know what we’re doing tomorrow? We’re heading out on our first camping trip with the girls. And you know what we’re planning to do while there? HIKE UP A FREAKING MOUNTAIN. Yep, while carrying the kids on our backs. What the hell am I doing?

At least I got good pictures from the ferry trip. Lily thought the boat was awesome. See? Just look at her!

SO happy

Anyway, we’ll be gone all weekend, so have fun, don’t stay out to late and for Pete’s sake, don’t exercise too much!