It's here, my beautiful new computer with the huge screen and the fancy buttons and the high speed EVERYTHING. We're in the process of transferring files and loading up this bad boy with all the programs that make me giddy. I can't stop touching it's sleek corners, drooling over the way it moves... seriously hott to a geek like me. The keyboard is configured a little differently than what I'm used to, but I'm willing to change. Lily and I already had the talk about pens and Mama's new toy. No customizing like Daddy's computer, kay? I'm hoping that since she's getting my old one, she won't come tugging on my sleeve for Clifford and will just let the two of us alone, you know, to get better acquainted.

So I'll leave you with two things. First, a conversation between me and Lily, earlier today:

Me: Shhh, Anya just feel back asleep and I don't want you to wake her.

Lily: [looking closely and noting that Anya's eyes are just slightly open] Nope, she's just thinking.

And second, a photo that gives me the giggles every time I see it:

I came from there

Now leave me alone, I need some quiet time with my new computer.