water travels up

We took a trip out to a local mall to enjoy their interactive fountain thingie with our playgroup. Last time we went the girls would only go near the water if I was holding both of them, but that wasn’t so hard since Anya was still a tiny person. This time, Lily took one look at the shooting water and said, “OHHH! That’s cool!” and then refused to get anywhere near it. Anya just looked at it and did this odd kind of half laugh, half cry, nervous thing. It got louder when I stepped closer to the water. It was kind of funny actually, me doing this little dance and getting her to go louder and softer as we jumped closer and farther away.

So we had snacks and sat around and I let Lily take pictures of random things. She’s quite good, even if it’s by accident. And this time, she didn’t even drop the camera ONCE! I took some shots of the kids that would play and had a very stressful picnic as I spent the whole time trying to get food into the girls, but keep Anya out of the stuff I didn’t want her consuming. Having standards about what your one-year-old eats is a bitch, yo.

At least we had fun with the kids.

No get on over to flickr and enjoy some photos; just click the snapshot below.

silly girl