Little red...

Last week I noticed a listing on Craigslist posting about a little red wagon with big tires for only $5. Its paint was peeling off, but since I’m married to a handy guy, I figured what the heck and we drove out to pick it up. The four of us got to work peeling off the paint in big red sheets (strangely therapeutic for this mama) and once we stripped it, Mark cut off the bolts since they were too rusty to remove. Then he got to work with a sander, obliterating all the rust. A coat of primer, a shiny coat of red (I suggested purple, but Lily wanted the traditional red), reattach the wheels and viola, we have a brand new looking wagon. Lily dragged Anya around for a spell, then both girls climbed inside and I dragged them around the parking lot, big smiles all around. Not so bad for $5 and a little work!

Check out the photo set by clicking on the shot below.