Freaking out

Mark and I have been talking about our mutual need to get away. We know a trip together right now isn’t in the cards, our girls need a parent around. But we also know that if we don’t get a little break, there’s a-gonna be some trouble. So in August Mark is going to Yosemite with his brother and some friends. And in September I will be heading to the Bay Area to visit my girlfriend Allyn. Alone. Without Anya. Who’s still nursing. All night long.

Deep breath.

I had a small panic attack when I booked my ticket just now. But Allyn has promised massage and sips of chipotle-chili hot cocoa at a chocolate café and sleeping in as long as I want and silly girl time (with people my own age) and hours of quiet if I want it and not needing to wipe a single butt. And I could use that for a weekend. Couldn’t you?

Wish me luck. I’m hoping I don’t have a heart attack before then at the thought of abandoning my little nursling. Hey, at least I’m leaving Mark with reinforcements: his mom is coming down to help for the weekend!

I’m OK.

Are you OK?

Deep breath.