Looking forward

Earlier in the week I happened to glance in the rear view mirror of my van to see Anya with her feet resting half way up the back of the seat. She slid them down, knees bent and it occurred to me that she just might be too big to be in a rear facing car seat. Conventional wisdom tells you that the longer you can have them rear facing the better; it’s just safer for tiny necks. But once they meet the criteria and they are actively being smooshed, it’s time.


Now I look in the rear view and I see two faces smiling at me. It took some getting used to on Ani’s part. The first time I punched it on the freeway on ramp she gripped the side of her seat, her eyes going wide. Just two days later, it’s already old hat to her and she’s cruising in style.

You do know what this means, right? My babies are growing up. I guess that’s what happens when you keep feeding them.