Lie to me

A summer cold has hit my family with the wrath of... the uh... summer cold god, Solstitialis Aeger. What? I made it up. Sue me. Just do it in person so you can watch my kids for a couple of hours. I’ll take the paperwork and go study it very closely from the comfort of my bedroom. NO! That’s not snoring you hear in there, it’s studying. Pinky swear.

ANYWAY, we’re all sick. And it sucks. Last night I slept on the couch, getting up every 30-90 minutes to comfort or nurse a congested baby. Mark slept with Lily’s face smashed into his own, the two of them tucked into our bed. Around six am, we tagged teamed out. He went upstairs to take care of Anya and I let Lily smash my face with hers. Lucky me, Lily decided to get up about an hour later and go upstairs while I slept for another couple hours ALONE. Ahhhhhh!

Strangely, the three solid hours of sleep has left me unrefreshed? HA! Spell check wants to correct “unrefreshed” to “unrepressed.” There’s something terribly funny in that, I just can’t get my mind to wade through the snot to lay it out for you all. Someone else make the joke, please.

Where was I? Right: unrefreshed. I’m pretty sure that this whole lack of sleep thing is going to drive me insane. Anya’s been having a hard time for weeks and while I know it’s just a phase followed by an illness, I’m starting to loose my mind, just a little. I can’t seem to hold a thought in my head for more than a few seconds. I keep stumbling into rooms and cursing, annoyed that I have no idea what I came to get. Mark and I keep having conversations where I concentrate intently on his mouth, trying to catch what he’s telling me and then, when my mind ends up in Africa, having to ask him to repeat. I dare not use the burning implements in the kitchen for fear of killing us all. It's just not pretty, folks.

Here’s where I need someone to lie to me; preferably someone with older kids. I don’t want advice, I just want someone to say, “HEY! Just wait a couple of months and it’ll be SO easy! And when Anya is two? CAKE!” I don’t care that it’s a lie, I just need to hear it. So who’s gonna give? Anyone?


I'll be here in the corner, nursing this baby, wiping snot and just thinking about September.