Credit Cards are FUN!

One of the reasons I’ve been quiet is due to the fact that my computer is dying. It randomly inserts letters and numbers when I type. The arrow keys make things go a squiggy. It’s been a freaking mess. I spend half my typing time deleting odd strings of characters and then hoping I can send the email or post the post before the whole thing overheats and shuts down. It’s been a JOY! The only reason you’re all getting this post is because it’s not doing the stupid thing at this moment. But it could freeze any moment. It’s just LURKING. WAITING to make me go, “GAH!”

So I’m getting a new computer! Do we have the money for a new computer? NAH! But that’s what credit cards are for! Weeeeee! It should be here by the end of next week, so if I’m quiet, it’s just that the current computer finally exploded and took me with it.

But I’m giddy over my new toy and just can’t wait.

[insert silly little girl squeal here]

ETA: Check it out, it's doing it right now:

UIO swear tuio the sweet guioddess abuiove that UIO am THUIOS ckluiose tuio huiorkluiong thuios cuiompuioter uiot the wuionduiow and klettuiong the duiog puioss aklkl uiover uiot! THUIOS CKLUIOSE!

A special gift to the first persion who translates the above!