cling monster goes to class

We enrolled Lily in a gymnastics class at the local rec center this summer and for the first day of class we all went, me, Mark and Anya. We were instructed to try to keep out of sight as most of the kids do better when they can’t see Mom or Dad. Most kids. Lily is slow to warm but is usually OK once she gets familiar with something, but just throwing her in the middle without a life jacket… so not a good idea. We learned this back when she was doing swim lessons and there was a long line of awful, followed by her having a blast. But just to be clear, we never actually threw her in the middle ofthe pool without a life jacket, I was speaking metaphorically. So you can all settle down and quit hitting the comment button with ill intent.

ANYWAY, the first class went with all the kids doing as they were told, but only one kid needing to touch her daddy at all times (that would be my kid, yo). By the end of the class she was willing to be across the room from him and enjoyed showing off her mad somersaulting skillz. I got off a few photos, but it was dark so they suck. Besides, I was too busy being intimidated by the other moms with their perfect nails, rock hard abs, and designer clothes. Me? Barefoot, bitten nails and in ill fitted jeans, wielding a camera and trying to keep Anya from running away. I’m a superstar.

Then we had a week off due to the fourth of July.

Second class was a mess. Anya and I stayed home and Lily spent the whole of the class clinging to Mark as though the teacher was trying to kill her.

Third class, which was this week, she did fantastically. She did everything she was asked and instead of clinging to Mark, she just ran across the room to give him a hug after every single trick. But everyone remarked on her progress and Mark was beaming when he called to tell me about how well she had done.

Hopefully, next week will be another brilliant one. She and Mark are enjoying the time together and Anya is getting a real nap one morning a week staying home with me. Next up, we’re thinking about a dance class.

What about your kids? Do they do any classes? Do they cling? Do you feel out of place with the other moms?