Manipulate much?

Lily has learned one of the oldest arts. She’s not yet very good at it, bust she’s practicing. A lot.


“Yeah, boo?”

“I don’t feel good.”




“I don’t FEEL good!”

“Is it that you don’t feel good or that you just want a vitamin?”

“I... I... I want a vitamin.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

This morning she spied the eye drops on the coffee table, reached out and palmed them and then turned to tell me that her eyes were hurting. Terribly. So much so, she could hardly see or be expected to remain upright.

I don’t really know how to deal with this new behavior and keep just calling her on it, trying to redefine what it is that she wants. Quite frankly though, it pisses me off. It’s just so damn manipulative and I’m not so fond of that, even when it’s so transparent I can actually see a part of her going “nanner nanner nanner” as she tries to get something out of me. There’s an element of annoyance at the fact that she’s often working me for “medicine” as well, since we’re not really the type of people who turn to drugs for every little thing. Her new found passion for meds scares the crap out of me, and while most of what we have is homeopathic, there are a few items in the house that could prompt a call to poison control. Those items have been carefully removed from reach, but the fact that I can’t trust her to keep out of that kind of thing requires my parenting to be much more paranoid. I much prefer trusting my kids.

Those of you who are parents (yes, Vanessa, I know not everyone who reads me is a parent, and I acknowledge and adore every single one of you) what have you done to curb the liar in your children?