I must be losing weight

Last night we went out to dinner with my sis and her family and afterwards Lily really wanted to go to the bookstore next door. She hadn’t been feeling well during dinner and didn’t touch her food (very unlike her), choosing instead to cling to her dad and ultimately fall asleep. But the bookstore had her eyes bright and she insisted she felt fine. So we went. We set up shop in the kids area, letting the girls fetch books and toys and be insanely happy. Mark chased Anya all over the story as she shrieked with glee. Everyone was having a blast. I ducked out long enough to go use the loo and while walking back this guy made eye contact with me and gave me a beautiful smile. I couldn’t help but smile back, it was just such an open, honest grin from a very handsome man.

This morning while surfing craigslist, I popped over to the missed connections section. I love these listings because they are so often tiny little poems waiting to happen or love stories on the brink. At the top of the list was this post:

Borders last night - m4w

To the cute brunette at Borders last night...please write back (preferably with a photo such that I know it's you). Missed ya :)

Any chance this is me? I wonder. Honestly it doesn’t matter if it is or not; I wouldn’t write back. But it kinda gives me a nice little self-confidence boost to think that some guy at a store would think me attractive enough to look for me. I guess it’s just a welcome change to be thought of as a woman and not as somebody’s mom, even if just for a second. I’m going to chose to believe it’s me. But not be so stupid as to try to confirm it.