Things have been oh so busy ‘round here and with my computer misbehaving, I haven’t been able to update. It’s being nice right now AND both my girls are sleeping, so let’s see how far I can get in the promised updates.

First things first, though. Yesterday, my mom was holding Anya when Lily ran up to them both, spinning and talking a mile a minute in her oh-so-Lily way. Anya reached down towards her sister and cried out, “LILY!” Hot damn.

She’s also been copying cadences and will now “say” thank you, I love you, Maya and other spontaneous utterances that sound remarkably on track. Don’t know why, but it’s making me a little crazy to think of two talking kids in this house.

Continuing on the crazy theme, I had to call poison control. Again. The other day I was sitting here at the computer reading blogs doing something terribly important when I noticed Anya sitting on the entry drinking from something. I went over there to find her sucking on the business end of a tub and tile cleaner bottle... from which she had unscrewed the lid. Lucky for us, it was an empty one and we buy the Method brand stuff, which is fairly non-toxic. At most, she got a half a tablespoon. A call to poison control confirmed that she’d be OK, I just had to watch her for an hour. That’s call number two for Miss Anya. Crazy baby.

Mark is supposed to be backpacking with his brother at the moment, but the fact that I still can’t walk upright very well was putting a shadow on his festivities. Then his brother called and had to cancel. He used the words “tumor” “cancer” “biopsy” “CAT scan.” We spent the next couple of days wringing hands and trying not to think too much. The research Mark did on the computer added to our worries when the phrase “2.5 years survival rate” cropped up. I’d look at him as he gazed off into space and ask, “What are you thinking about?” to which he’d startle and say, “Ummm, cat litter.” Last night his brother called again and used some way better words, “benign” “infection” “treatment” and we did a little happy dance. But the trip is still off. And that actually works for me, so I’m happy (if not feeling a bit guilty for that happiness).

Last, but definitly not least, we have a new pool. It’s one of those above ground numbers where you inflate a top ring and then fill the sucka up. This ain’t no wading pool though, it’s 18 feet in diameter and holds 5,400 gallons of water, yo. Decidedly white trash. It’s too deep for Lily to stand up in, so she spends all her time clinging to the ladder and announcing that she’s swimming. Anya spent the first couple of days nervously laugh-crying anytime we got near it and panicking whenever someone went under or splashed. On the fourth, she finally settled down and fell asleep while floating around in a big blue whale. So now it’s all good.

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print. I know I’m forgetting something, but hey, I do what I can. I have almost 200 photos on my camera right now and seriously need to do some clean-up and posting to Flickr. If the elements all work in my favor, I’ll add photos after I post this entry.

ETA: Click on the photo below to see a whole set on the pool.