Carmen, my favorite mom to the screaming masses, has asked us all to quit our sniveling and list five things for which we are grateful. This comes at a good time for me, since I've been a wee bit insane lately and having a hard time seeing the world for what it is and not as the beast that has been vexing me incessantly. Therefore I submit for you my five things:

First, the big stuff:

Health: Marks back will heal and he'll be able to work again, my leg/hip issues will get better, Anya's teeth will finally come in and Lily will be Lily. None of us are inflicted with permanent injury or illness and should all live until we are so old, people will be thankful that we finally let go and left them our crap.

Abundance: we may be having a small financial crisis at the moment, but we have friends who have offered a loan and we have an extra car we can unload. So many people, when faced with an unexpected expense, have no one to help and nothing to liquidate. So really, we are living in wild abundance.

And then there is the little things:

The Matcha Green Tea Blast at Jamba Juice is so freaking delicious, it's a miracle I’ve been losing weight lately.

Last week while sitting out on the porch next to my container garden, I was distracted from a very stressful phone call by a butterfly. It seemed to want to land on me, but didn't quite have the courage. I watched, spellbound as it flittered around, landing nearby, the two of us sizing each other up. All it took to make me calm down and listen to the person on the other end of the phone without bursting into tears.

And finally, I am deeply grateful for the fact that I am going out of town, all by myself in 26 days. Weeeeeeee!

What are you grateful for today?