I never win anything

BUT I WON SOMETHING! Cara, the fabulous hot mama at Urban Baby Runway held a BabyLegs contest and we won one of the two GRAND PRIZE'S. Fabulous!

I'll stop yelling at you all now.

Fortunate that we won too, because I was just saying at knitting last night that if I didn't win I’d have to figure out how to knit them, and I don't really have time for that. No way would they be as cute. And they'd likely be freakishly loose followed by sections that would cut off the blood flow for being so tight. So really, it's a darn good thing I won. Otherwise one of my kids could have lost a leg.

Go visit Urban Baby Runway, they have kick ass stuff.

And go visit BabyLegs so you can see the incredibly cute leggings coming our way.