YAY for boobies!

Today the local La Leche League chapter is celebrating LLL's 50th Anniversary with a picnic at a nearby park and the girls and I are attending in style. Anya will be wearing her "Happy and Healthy Breastfed Babe" tee and I will be wearing my lactating breasts (as opposed to my non-lactating breast, which have been missing for YEARS). Lily will wear whatever she wants because she is Lily and her word is law. I'm excited because a friend of mine is selling off her stash of large bumkins AIO's for cheap and I'm getting them from her at the picnic. For those who don't cloth diaper, AIO = "all in one"; it's a cloth diaper with the cover already attached so diaper changes are a breeze. Definitely a bonus when your kid is a master of the alligator death roll. So not only do I get to stroll around the park with my girls hanging out but I get to buy fluff. Sounds like the start to a very good day for this wannabe hippie.

Hope you all have a lovely day and those of you who are breastfeeding (or supporting a breastfeeder or have been a breastfeeder, yadda yadda yadda) take a quick moment to do the Hokey Pokey in celebration. Babies everywhere say, "Thank you!"