I got word today that a very dear friend of mine who lives very far away is on her third interview with a company in Los Angeles. LA! As in, THREE hours from here. Not as in multiple plane rides. She doesn't want me to get my hopes up or anything, but L-friken-A, people. How can I not get a little stupid in the head over that? We shall see what comes of it or if she even decides to make such a move at this point in her life, but if she does, I'm so taking her to Disneyland. And then I'm going to make out with her. And THEN, I'll giggle wildly for a couple of hours. And then I'll drive home sobbing behind the wheel because she'll still feel too far away. But I'll be happy! Pinky swear!

P.S. emotions have been running high around here. I think I'm going insane. But hey, at least it's been entertaining! Weeeeeeeeeee!