Lily goes to Mexico: comes back. A THRILLING TALE!

A couple of weeks ago our friends from La Paz came into town for a visit and we enjoyed the better part of a week playing with them and their adorable little girl. Then the mom and daughter flew off to visit Grandma and the dad started the long drive back down Baja home. The other night the mom and daughter flew back here and I went to pick them up at the airport. While waiting for them, I started knitting a new hat (yes people, I still haven’t progressed from hats and scarves) when it suddenly occurred to me that in the current climate, I may not be allowed to fly next month with knitting needles. After I collected my friends and their baggage, we stopped by the security table to ask.

“What is that?” the young man asked as I pulled out my knitting supplies.

“They’re circular knitting needles, for making hats.”

“That’s for knitting, huh?”


“It’ll be fine,” To which he silently added, “Grandma.”

Clearly he doesn’t know that knitting is the new black.


The next morning after spending a grand total of 12 hours in our home, our friends had a flight home out of Tijuana. You can fly out of The States to La Paz, but you first must fly to Mexico City, a flight of almost eight hours. From there, you would take another six hour flight over to La Paz. If you get yourself over to the TJ airport, which rests practically ON the boarder, the flight is about an hour and a half. Period. So Mark was going to Mexico and I convinced him to bring Lily along for the ride so he could try out our newly acquired passports for the girls. I made him promise he’d take a photo of Lily, her first time in a foreign country. So he took her inside the airport with our friends and their massive baggage and snapped the following photo:

Lily in a Mexican airport

Shortly after she got very upset that she wasn’t going on an airplane that day and threw herself against Mark’s legs screaming, “I want to go on the airplane! AIRPLANE!” At least she has a healthy love of travel.

And that, people who live inside my computer, is the not too exciting story of Lily’s first trip to Mexico.