even music can't tame this beast

Last night I sneaked out of the house to attend a single hour of a dance festival and while I have never really gotten modern dance, I just about bawled as I sat there in the crowded auditorium and watched a friend introduce one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, a dance to honor her midwife, who also happens to be my midwife. They followed it up with a piece called “Hip Hop is Everywhere” which made me laugh out loud and want to move. The two kids in the row behind me, about four years old, did dance and I loved every moment. Gina joked that the show had done so well, from now on all their shows would have the words “Hip Hop” in them from now on. I even got to go out for dessert with my midwife and her friend afterwards. Totally perfect evening.

Since the festival was still going on today, I thought we could bring the girls for a while. I was a bit trepidacious about bringing her anywhere since she woke up whining and didn’t leave that gear all freaking day. She threw herself on the ground repeatedly, cried before we even answered questions, flailed and kicked and at one point, her head turned all the way around on her neck as Satan fully possessed her body. It was wicked awesome, let me tell you. But I hoped that the movement and the music would keep her tamed for a bit. I was half right. We made the mistake of attending some of the more artistic pieces, dance and spoken word beyond her attention span. Their was a chair dance that she liked well enough, but the second it ended she announced that she wanted to go home. But first, she wanted to sit in the car and have the other mommy give her a burrito. Drive through Mexican food, yo. We got her outside before she threw herself on the ground an howled “BURRITO! I WANT A BURRTIO!” Most of you realize this means she wasn’t getting one. Sigh. Why did she have to go to the bad place?

Anyway, the rest of the afternoon followed that path, Mark and I giving each other the eyes and praying for bedtime. She’s out cold now. Fingers crossed Satan will have another pick tomorrow, because DAMN, I want my reasonable kid back.