I love the blogging babes out there

Today I met and fell in love with another blogger. We stared across the table at each other while we ate our matching panang curry plates and simultaneously offered my daughters bits of tofu, carrot and sips of soup. We discovered a mutual dislike of Chinese food and a mutual respect for Thai food. We’re both wimps when it comes to spicy food, however. We’ll both abandon a perfectly good dining option if we have to hunt for parking. We confessed that neither one of us believed in love at first sight, until it unexpectedly happened and landed us husbands. We talked as though we’d known each other forever. We took silly photos and giggled as Lily clapped in joy that our new friend would be coming back to our house before heading home.

I didn’t feel self conscious about answering an email before we headed out the door for lunch. I wasn’t too stressed out about the mess that is my home, because she felt like an old friend. Shocked to discover I’d managed to make my bed in the morning, we both confessed that we never make the bed, what’s the point, anyway?

It was awesome.

Anyone want to guess who it was? Obviously the blogger in question should keep her mouth shut. I’ll give the answer and some photos tomorrow. Pinky swear.