For fear of jinxing it

I have been overtly mum on the subject of sleep in the Wannabe Hippie household, mostly because something amazing has happened since this post and I really can’t stand to screw it up by telling you all. But I’m gonna risk it, because it’s just too good.

You all ready for this?

Are you sitting down?

OK. Just do me one thing first: say a little prayer to the Goddesses of Toddler Sleep for me before you read on. Have you said it? DON’T MESS WITH ME, JUST SAY IT!

Here goes: we are on night six of Anya going from 8pm to after 5am with NO nursing.

I’ll give you all a moment for that to sink in.

Mind you, she’s still waking up on average twice a night. She’s still asking to nurse. But we’ve finally come to a point where she’s accepted that she’s not going to nurse until 5am. She’s not going to that place of panicked the-world-is-ending-my-GOD-where-is-the-boob? crying she was so famous for just last week.

Me? I’m freaking elated. I’m still tired due to the midnight soothing and comforting and her really wanting to sleep on my face if I insist on refusing her the boob, but we’re making progress. In fact, one of the times she woke last night, she just sat up and “ahhh?”-ed at me before falling back over, asleep. The second time she woke, she tried to suggest we go sit in the rocking chair and nurse just a teensy bit, but I was steadfast, offering love and cuddles which she eventually accepted before she fell back asleep stretched out across my face.

My most passionate wish is that by the time I go on my little trip (in only eight days, yo) she’ll be sleeping through the night and accepting comfort from Mark just fine. It’s still a bit of a reach, I know, but with the help of Goddesses of Toddler Sleep, it just might happen.

Keep your fingers crossed.